What Are The Pros To Animal Testing

What Are The Pros To Animal Testing. Animals have to undergo severe suffering during testing. The cruelty in animal testing every year in the united states, it is estimated that tens of millions of animals are used for research and testing purposes (animal experimentation 50).these animals are usually mice, rats, rabbits, fish, guinea pigs,.

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That testing ensure that pets are less likely to experience a negative reaction to those medications. Even in our current state of the world, there are so many bacteria and viruses around and we. It provides a research aid for new products.

Animals Have To Undergo Severe Suffering During Testing.

In order to see other physical side effects such as rashes, acne, wheezing, cardiac problems, etc. List of the key advantages of animal testing in cosmetics. If scientists began to incorporate other options, then the number of animals needed can be minimal, and the animals can be better protected.

Albert Sabin, The Developer Of The Polio Vaccine Once Said, “Without Animal Research, Polio Would Still Be Claiming Thousands Of Lives Each Year.”.

Unlike testing in humans, animal research is so thorough and harsh. Contributes to many cures and treatments that save many human lives the majority of the medical breakthroughs that have happened in the last 100 years were direct results from animal research and experimentation, according to the california biomedical research association. For example, medications purchased for pets have already undergone extensive testing on animals.

The Purpose Of Animal Experimentations Is For Positive Uses And The Following Are The Advantages Of Using Such Experimentations:

Advantages of the animal testing. Animal testing helps to lessen the risk of an unplanned event occurring when humans use or ingest the products that are part of the animal testing experiment. Although opponents argue that the drawbacks of animal testing outweigh the benefits because animal testing is cruel, in actuality, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks because it saves human lives and is an affordable option.

In Addition To This, Animal Testing Has Also Helped In The Refinement Of Procedures, Related To Measuring The Blood Pressure, Pacemaker Technology And The Perfection Of The Heart And Lung Disease Treatments.

List of cons of animal testing for medical reasons. Scientists also conduct animal experiments to test the safety of consumer goods like cosmetics, personal hygiene products, and household cleaners. Today, many viruses and bacteria have not yet been studied, and very little information is known.

The Cruelty In Animal Testing Every Year In The United States, It Is Estimated That Tens Of Millions Of Animals Are Used For Research And Testing Purposes (Animal Experimentation 50).These Animals Are Usually Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Fish, Guinea Pigs,.

Ancient greek physicians dissected live and dead animals to better understand organ systems. Unfortunately, the best way to test potentially new medicines is through animal testing, and if initially successful, then by human testing too. One important advantage of animal testing is that we will be better able to understand certain viruses and bacteria once we test their effects on animals.

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