Pokemon Fools Gold Update

Pokemon Fools Gold Update. Best fool's gold designs 251 players. I ask for updates that line up with later versions of the hack.

Updates for Fool's Gold PokemonROMhacks from www.reddit.com

I suggest you join the discord to keep yourself regularly updated since the developers aren't very active on the pokécommunity. June 10, 2020 at 5:00 pm pdt organized by efm4. Please remember to credit artists when using works not your own.

Best Fool's Gold Designs 251 Players.

Best fool's gold designs 251 players. For the upcoming update 1.2 we are adding new moves, overhauling movesets and base stats, and adding in some more new. Playing ~hack~ pokemon fool's gold:

Same Way The Original Eeveelutions Evolve.

Tell the community what’s on your mind. Thanks for all the positive feedback for pokemon fool's gold! About two months ago i shared our rom hack of crystal, pokemon fool's gold in this post.

A Hack Of Crystal Where Everything Is Familiar, Yet Different.

Featuring all new sprites, locations and quests. Additionally, there are no new areas in kanto yet but that's definitely on the list for the future. The story and plot remain largely unchanged from crystal,.

Trailer For Pokémon Fool's Gold Version 1.3, The Sevii Update 😀

Although it's not by any means a big popular rom hack, it's still super exciting for us to see all of the love it's been getting. All interest checks/recruiting threads must go in the recruit here section. Hey everyone, i'm the dev for pokemon fool's gold, a rom hack of pokemon crystal where all the pokemon are redesigned and retyped ( see this post for more info )!

Experience Pokémon Crystal As You’ve Never Seen It Before!

Discovering a whole new world of pokemon: Page 2 started by celadonk. It's encountered at a meager level of fifteen, which is even.

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