Shaving Foam Cleaning Hacks

Shaving Foam Cleaning Hacks. Leave it to sit on the sofa for at least 20. Andrea jean cleaning via youtube

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Curious to know what else you can clean with shaving foam? Luckily, on this morning, lynsey ‘queen of clean’ revealed her surprising shaving foam stain removal hack to banish those summer carpet stains for good. Shaving cream cleaning, the end result wasn’t significantly shinier than when i used a microfiber cloth and some vinegar.

“I Sprayed Shaving Foam (Not The Gel Type) On, Rubbed It In And Left It For 10 Minutes Then Wiped It Off With A Damp Cloth.

“i had to do some bits twice but so easy and works a. 7 this burnt on grease is lifted off. Sophie foster lifestyle & travel reporter.

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Other members of the group said they'd had success with shaving foam on their carpets. Mums are now swearing by shaving foam as the new ‘super cleaner’ to transform your toilet and remove wee smells. Social media users are desperate to try the new cleaning hack.

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Mrs hinch fans' cheap £1 shaving foam hack removes food stains from carpets. Curious to know what else you can clean with shaving foam? The cleaning fan left the shaving foam to soak in for an hour credit:

Have A Bucket Of Water.

Ruth also explained how she used the shaving foam to clean her carpet. For tougher stains, you may need to repeat to see better results. “then get a damp cloth or brush and scrub.

Simply Take Out The Baking Tray And Spray Enough Shaving Foam On It To Cover The Whole Tray.

Wipe away grease and other grime with a dishcloth. Instagram is raving about this genius hack to get rid of paint stains Another hack sees her using shaving foam to clean a nasty spaghetti bolognaise stain on a white carpet.

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