Movie-Ticket-Booking-System Project In C++ Github

Movie-Ticket-Booking-System Project In C++ Github. The movie ticketing system was created using only c++ language. It saves all user's data into text files.


This is simple and basic level small. The main objective of the c++ project on movie ticket booking system is to manage the details of booking, seats, customer,movie, shows. It lets the user print the tickets (on paper) after booking.

This Is A Movie Ticket Booking System.

This project with tutorial and guide for developing a code. Then open the file via codeblocks or any ide's that can run c++ file. The viewer can view the availability of movie tickets for some particular film.

Movie Ticket Booking System Project Is A Desktop Application Which Is Developed In C#.Net Platform.

Movie ticket booking system in c++ overview. The application has the following functionalities: It lets the user print the tickets (on paper) after booking.

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You just have to type [system (clear) instead of system (cls)]. It stores the seats already booked by previous users in a local database and thus marks them unavailable for the next users. Movie ticket booking system built using c++ and database backend as sqlite.

The Project Is Totally Built At Administrative End And Thus Only The Administrator Is Guaranteed The Access.

Here are the top use cases of the movie ticket booking system: User can select seat of his choice in any theatre and book the ticket accordingly. I hope that this system can help you to what you are.

This Is Simple And Basic Level Small Project For Learning.

It manages all the information about booking, payment, shows, booking. Obviously the ending time of semester. A project on online ticket booking system punyaslok sarkar 1 , mrs.

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