How To Send An Email On Behalf Of Someone In Outlook 365

How To Send An Email On Behalf Of Someone In Outlook 365. Click the new mail button, , above the folder list. In mail, click home > new email.

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In the add a delegate section, enter the email address of the user that you would like to have send as access. In the from box, type the name of the group on whose behalf you are sending the message. Click on the + icon below the delegates who can act on my behalf:

Once You Add Someone As A Delegate, They Can Add Your Exchange Mailbox To Their Outlook Profile.

On the mail tab, select manage mailbox permissions >. For instructions, see manage another person's mail and calendar items. Make sure you select the account that has been assigned send as or send.

A Box Will Appear Over The “To” Button.

In the message window, click on the “options” tab. It will show your name on behalf of other user name: Message trace shows email went out from user b and nothing about user a.

Make Sure More Columns And Global Address List Are Selected.

The connection for send an email is using the service account office 365 outlook connection. Click the new mail button, , above the folder list. After you’ve selected that person, you’ll need to determine the level of access you want to give them.

Now Click Add And Search Through Your Personal Or Company Address Book For Your Delegate’s Email Account.

If you have been assigned send as permissions for a group in your organization’s address book, you can send email and it will appear to be sent from that group. Search for and select the person to whom you want to grant delegate access,click add, and then click ok. Next to send on behalf, select edit.

Log Into Office 365 Via Outlook On The Web.

Send an email on behalf of other people in outlook. In the mail view, select the folder where you will allow other exchange users send emails, and click folder > folder permissions. Send an email message on behalf of a group in outlook:

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