Hanging Whole Plant To Dry Vs Branches

Hanging Whole Plant To Dry Vs Branches. Other factors include humidity, airflow, and temperature. Hanging whole plants upside down forces a slower and more even drying over the entire plant.

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The reasons we hang the plant as a whole is to get a slow consistent dry through out the whole plant. Start date jan 3, 2012; Once drying is complete, cut the buds from the branch and place into a mason jar to begin curing.

The Whole Plant Method Refers To Chopping Down Your Entire Plant At Once, So All Of The Buds Can Dry And Cure At The Same Time.

By hanging your plants upside down, the sap flow will continue and the plant will put its last energy into its buds. But if u can control ur temps in ur room drying single branches will work Some growers prefer to hang the whole plant while others will snip the buds from the branches and use a drying rack.

Also, It Will Take Longer To Dry If You Hang Large Branches Because They Hold The Most Water.

The drying takes longer when you do it that way, but it’s easy to trim extra leaves and trim buds when the cannabis plant is hanging right in front of you. Its easier to trim before hanging, thats why most people do. Agreed, the slowest you can dry the better, regardless of method.

I Prefer To Cut The Entire Branch As It Makes The Hang Drying Process Much Easier For.

Attach the hook to an air duct, metal fixture, or air vent on your ceiling. All you do is hang the entire plant as a whole. If you jar up a few buds right now (or whatever you plan to put them in) they might become completely moist all over again.

I Have Three Plants Going At All Times And All Finishing At Different Times.

In fact, i leave all of the fan leaves on as they hold a lot of moisture. With the sugar leaves still on and the whole plant hung i think it slows down the process a bit. I've had problems dialing in my trim, dry, cure.

Quick Drying Causes Harshness In The Smoke.

Hang your plants fully upside down; Hang them in a dark room. I would like to dry my buds slower and figured this would help, is there any downside to hanging the whole plant???

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